Expanding our global footprint...

InternetQ Office Locations

Commercial presence in more than

Cooperation with more than
mobile network operators

Expanded our client base significantly to include over
corporate clients

Granting access to
2.4 billion consumers

We have minimized our exposure to any one particular country or territory and have a strong and visible pipeline of projects lined up for 2012

In 2012, we will continue to adjust to a changing external environment and actively pursue non-organic growth opportunities

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Growing in emerging markets...

  • Our targeted exploration of emerging growth markets, with successful geographic expansion into Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, will continue
  • Our enhanced network connectivity in South-east Asia and Eastern Europe and the development of reliable partnerships in Russia and Africa, will allow us to further grow our mobile marketing activities
  • The acquisition of I-POP Networks Pte Ltd, a leading mobile data traffic aggregator in Southeast Asia, will enable us to seize opportunities in the fastest-growing technology markets in the world
our processing and storage capacity
invested in infrastructure

Innovation and growth through investment
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Investments of more than
€3.5 million
to transform our digital entertainment offering into AKAZOO, a powerful, mobile driven, social music network.

Innovation and growth through investment

customer-focused technology...
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  • Mobi-Dialogue Mobi-Dialogue Platform
  • The Mobi-Dialogue platform has already powered thousands of mobile marketing campaigns, for mobile network operators, media, and leading brands across the world

customer-focused technology...

  • A proprietary mobile
    social music platform, with:
  • 2 million
    Registered users
  • 13 million
    Tracks in the library
  • 14 countries
    Streaming every day
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Konstantinos Korletis
Chief Executive Officer
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Delivering strong financial results

34% increase
in annual revenues

Financial statements

Of the world’s population are mobile users

Financial statements